Special Registration: Race before volunteering

There may be special regulations in some events that allow you to start for free and support as a volunteer the next day.

Important! This only applies if Spartan advertises this for a particular event.

You sign up as a volunteer for the day you want to help.
Write us an email to if you want this option.

On race day you have to go to the help desk at the registration on the venue. Your name will be on a list already.

You now pay the daily price of the respective race where you want to participate.
Important, this is only possible in cash!

As soon as your shift as volunteer is finished, you go to the volunteer coordinator to sign out as a Volunteer. You then get the full amount of money that you paid back.

If you do not work as a volunteer on the day you are registered, the pledge will be forfeited regardless of the reasons why you did not show up and the pledge will be credited as a normal entry fee.

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