Are spectators allowed?

Yes, we are open for spectators! For the most part we're not charging for spectators, but depending on the venue this may vary. This information will be given on each event website. Kids 13 and under are free. There are some perks to spectators including something to sip on while your friends and family suffer through the course. If there is a fee for spectators for that race, they are sold onsite (please bring cash, limited Credit Card services are available).

As a Spartan Race spectator you get access to some obstacles on the course and the vendor/food tents! So enjoy the live music and watching your friends and loved ones slip and slide through the Spartan course in the safety and comfort (and relative mudlessness) of the Spartan Race festival ground areas! Raffles, entertainment, free muddy hugs from Spartan athletes, and all the other festival perks make this a great day

As for roaming the course or watching each obstacle, each course will have different restrictions. On some ski mountains, you can take a ski lift to the top where there will be obstacles to watch. At ALL events, the festival area is situated within sight of at least 6 obstacles where you can catch your family and friends. 

All parents/guardians will need a spectator pass to sign up children and escort them to the Spartan Juniors start line.

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