2) Transfer option to another race in 2020 (bound on name and race)

These are the transfer options for all events of WEU* that unfortunately had to be canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It shall give you an overview and you can find all details for each option when you follow the link given for each option.

(*= Western Europe - Andorra, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland)

You can transfer your race ticket for the same format you have booked or a shorter distance to all Events in WEU* in 2020 without any costs.

This option can be used for any type and category of race ticket you had bought, even if you registered with a free entry ticket before (e.g. volunteers).  

For example:
If you booked the "Kulmbach Sprint Open Heat", you can now transfer your registration to another Sprint Open Heat in one of the other events like for example Zandvoort Sprint Open Heat.

For that, you need to log in to your MaxFun profile and choose the option "Deferral" (1) in the Dropdown on the right next to your booked race.


Now you can choose e.g.  "Zandvoort Sprint Open Heat"
You will find all possible options as shown in the screenshot below.



Please note:

  • The code you will get cannot be changed afterward.
  • The code you will get is bound to your name and there is no option to give the code to someone else.
  • It's not possible to transfer from Sprint to Super with this transfer option (upgrade). But a transfer from Super to Sprint is possible (downgrade).
  • Only races that are listed in the selection can be chosen.

If you used this transfer option you will find your code in the coupon section on the right site in your MAXFUN account to register in the new race. 

Here we explain how to use the code


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